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10 Best Multiplayer Games For Fall Guys Fans

Released in 2020, Fall Guys is a cartoonish battle royale platform video game featuring adorably colorful jellybean-like characters that compete in a series of competitive mini-games and puzzle-solving. Inspired by such game shows as Wipeout, It’s a Knockout, and Takeshi’s Castle, the multiplayer Fall Guys became immensely popular during the lockdown, allowing gamers to explore up to 60 different characters while playing with friends and family members online.


For gamers looking for cute, equally amusing multiplayer battle royale games as an alternative to Fall Guys, the best of the bunch tend to boast a ton of playable characters and balance stellar premises with easy gameplay mechanics and a slew of amusing mini-game challenges.

Human: Fall Flat

Published by Curve Digital, Human: Fall Flat is an excellent multiplayer platform puzzle game for Xbox that uses a physics-based strategy that features the same quirky artistic aesthetic and basic gameplay as Fall Guys. Silly, slapstick, and cartoonish, Human: Fall Flat challenges up to four players to work together to take on fun parkour challenges and solve goofy puzzles, doing so by controlling cute blob-like characters.

Beyond the basic premise, simple mechanics, and adorable childlike aesthetic, Human: Fall Flat boasts the same wobbly chaotic controls as Fall Guys, making the characters stumble and fumble their way through each open-ended level. The hilarious animated scenarios make for an enjoyably replayable experience.

Pico Park

Many Fall Guys fans also play Pico Park, a cooperative multiplayer indie game on Steam that focuses on cooperative action and puzzle solving. With 48 different levels, the game is designed for up to 8 players, with the goal of obtaining a key that will unlock a door at the end of each map.

Like Fall Guys, the great thing about Pico Park is that is deliberately designed to become more chaotic with the increase in players. While the goal is to work together, there are also battle royale style pranks and blockage obstacles players can slow their competitors with. With local and online multiplayer modes, Pico Park is ideal for virtual co-ops or in-person hangouts.


For fans of Fall Guys who gravitate toward such featured mini-games as See Saw, Slime Climb, and Tip Toe, Biped is the next multiplayer game to check out. Featuring a similar modern 3D platform aesthetic, Biped challenges players to work together to control cute bipedal bots and solve a slew of puzzles, explore endless levels, collect coins, and more.

Aside from featuring similar mini-games, easy challenges, simple-to-use mechanics, and a cartoonish visual tableau, Biped is perfect for Fall Guys fans who enjoy the derpy obstacle courses more than the relentless BR competition.

Super Animal Royale

Those drawn to the immense size and scale of Fall Guys‘ multiplayer mode would be wise to play Super Animal Royale, another cartoonish and easy-to-play battle royale game of similar stature. However, don’t be fooled by the adorable animation on par with Fall Guys, the competition can get as cutthroat as any hardcore BR shooter game.

Once players pick a specific animal as their avatar, they are set off in the wild to face up to 63 other players in a top-down battle royal to the death. The ultimate goal is to save the safari reservation that the game is set in by defeating the others and remaining as the last animal standing, the same end-goal Fall Guys challenges its players to achieve.

Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts is almost always mentioned alongside Fall Guys as one of the most absurdly entertaining games featuring ridiculously foolish characters. The silly multiplayer party game allows players to guide goopy and droopy characters through hazardous settings while undergoing hectic melee battles.

The only difference between Gang Beasts and Fall Guys is the former is not a battle royale affair. Otherwise, the two games couldn’t be more simpatico for the way they boast colorfully cartoonish characters, volatile physics, stupefying fight arenas, and prioritizing a hearty chuckle over a heart-racing gaming experience.

Fall Dudes 3D

When avid fans exhaust Fall Guys, Fall Dudes 3D is the logical graduation specifically for mobile gamers. The supremely playful physics-based BR puzzler allows up to 39 players at a time, awarding one winner at the end who manages to complete a series of chaotic challenges and mini-games faster than anyone. The best part? The unabashed Fall Guys knockoff is absolutely free to play.

Just like Fall Guys, each level in Fall Dudes 3D is designed to get wilder and wilder, with the primary goal of making every successive level more hilarious than the one before it. An absolute blast for multiplayer BR fans, Fall Dudes 3D is a no-brainer for Fall Guys fans.


One of the most adorably entertaining multiplayer battle royale games to be released in the last two years includes Bombergrounds, a wildly waggish affair that allows 25 players to compete at a time, doing so in a world where cute little animals have overtaken humanity. The colorful animation style is almost identical to that in Fall Guys.

Moreover, for those who love knocking their friends from the top of the blocks in Fall Guys, Bombergrounds is a safe bet, especially since it’s free to play. Of course, a major appeal of Fall Guys includes how customizable the characters are, something Bombergrounds also encourages by collecting coins, finding power-ups, and strategically placing bombs along the map.


Compared to a mash-up of Mario and Wipeout, Oopstacles is an absolute blast to play with friends and family thanks to its new online multiplayer mode. Set on a giant endless obstacle course, the ragdoll runner features whimsical avatars, padded pathways, hilarious physics-based crashes and collisions, and chaotic one-touch controls that are sure to appeal to the most ardent Fall Guys fans.

Addictively fun to play and loaded with hundreds of levels to get lost in for hours, Oopstacles is ideal for Fall Guys fans who not only enjoy epic BR battles but also enjoy massive open-world games and daring rescue attempts of their captured teammates.

BattleBlock Theater

Although it may not be quite as expansive, The Behemoth’s BattleBlock Theater shares many appeals with Fall Guys. The comedic multiplayer platformer tasks players with controlling prisoners who are forced to work through a deadly labyrinth of challenging puzzles, with simple controls and cherubic characters starkly redolent of those in Fall Guys.

Between the fast-paced competition, similar animation, and addictive gameplay that requires cooperative teamwork to overcome obstacles, jump over gaps, climb ledges, and other physically grueling tasks, BattleBlock Theater feels like a close relative to Fall Guys, especially given the endless opportunity for partner sabotage as well.

Fortnite Battle Royale

The mother of all gaming titles in 2022, Fortnite has increased its stronghold on the industry with the introduction of Fortnite Battle Royale, an epically sprawling free-to-play game that allows up to 100 players at a time. While it may not feature the cute and comedic characters as Fall Guys, it’s the next logical step for serious gamers looking to take their competitive and cooperative battle royale skills to the next level.

The cooperative survival game features squads of two or four as they skydive onto an island and begin looking for weapons and protective gear to fight and fend off enemies with. The last man standing is named the victor, with endless competitive modes and seasonal expansions on hand to keep players coming back for more.

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