Evening Updates is a multifaceted digital media company dedicated to helping citizens, consumers, business leaders, and policy officials make important decisions in their lives. We publish independent reporting, rankings, data journalism, and advice that have earned the trust of our readers and users for nearly 11 years. Our platforms on Evening Updates include USA News, Business, Automobile, Sports, Education, Health, Money, Travel, News, etc.

We reach more than 40 million people monthly during moments when they are most in need of expert advice and motivated to act on that advice directly on our platforms. Our signature franchises include our “Best” series of consumer guides on colleges, graduate schools, hospitals, diets, cars, financial services, and more. These guides provide an easy-to-digest list for consumers to better understand and compare when making their decisions. We continue to publish annual guides of the authoritative Best Colleges and Best Hospitals rankings on our website and in print. And our Evening Updates Live flagship conferences highlight important national conversations including Healthcare of Tomorrow and Healthiest Communities.

Mission-Driven and Innovative

Our mission of helping you make the best decisions is our north star, guiding us to always serve your interests. It drives everything we do. And although we are a nearly 11-year-old company, we’ve been a leader in digital journalism for more than a decade. We operate with the mentality of a startup, stressing a flat management structure and a team-based operating approach.

Creative and Diverse

We believe in having a broad range of talent and backgrounds at Evening Updates. We strive to maintain a welcoming workplace where everyone is given an opportunity to succeed and contribute to their fullest. Learn more about our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative.

Informed and Motivated

Evening Updates audiences come to us with intention and purpose. Our goal is to create content to help educate, inform and inspire them to make the best decisions. Learn more about our audience.

Objective and Accurate

Evening Updates is editorially independent in its reporting. We espouse the values of ethical journalism, to ensure the free exchange of information that is truthful, fair, and thorough. Learn more about our editorial guidelines.

Useable and Useful

We utilize fact-based data and diverse sources to provide news, rankings, and recommendations across a wide range of topics that are important to the lives of our users.

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